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  • Our Commitment To Sustainability

Our national and state parks are some of the most spectacular, extraordinary and memorable places in the world, and Mount Rushmore is no exception. At Mount Rushmore National Memorial, we take our stewardship, environmental and economic responsibilities very seriously.

Sustainable Initiatives

At Mount Rushmore, we believe that there are few more important – or more complex – tasks ahead of us than that of reaching an ecological balance between business and the natural environment.

Our Presidential Garden

The project not only provides healthy and sustainable produce for employees and customers to enjoy, it also helps us to prevent over 16,000 pounds of food scraps from our kitchen.

Sustainable Cuisine

To support continued market transformation and support such assets, Mount Rushmore National Memorial collaborates with regional agricultural vendors and cottage industries to incorporate local foods into menus.

Dine Green at Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore National Memorial embraces a holistic approach to its food and beverage program named Fresh Forward. Our program provides guests with sustainable and healthy choices while delivering great taste.

Certifications and Awards

Xanterra maintains ISO 14001 certification for its “Our Softer Footprint” environmental management systems (EMS).

Solar Energy Kiosk

This photovoltaic array is located on the top level of the west side of the parking facility at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. It came online in 2019 with a capacity of 346 kilowatts (DC).