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In the spring of 2017 Xanterra completed a remodel of the Rushmore gift shop that included many sustainable features and increased the selection of sustainable products. Much of the wall finishes and furniture in the gift shop are made from trees harvested after being killed by the mountain pine beetle. A large trellis in the middle of the gift shop includes over a ton of wood harvested from ponderosa pine trees in the Black Hills that were also killed by mountain pine beetles. All new lighting in the gift shop will be 100% LED technology and will utilize an advanced daylight and occupancy control system that allows for high-quality light with maximum energy efficiency.

Xanterra’s commitment to the American worker, industry, and craftsmanship are demonstrated through the “Made in the USA” section prominently featured in the store. Another section features some of our many sustainable product offerings including items made locally, recycled items, and others. Furthermore, a unique cart houses local and regional gourmet and gift items. We also offer a wide selection of the official state jewelry of South Dakota, Black Hills Gold. Many of these sustainable items are also available in our Online Gift Shop.

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