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Discover the Story of Sustainable Cuisine at Mt. Rushmore

Sustainable cuisine’s impacts don’t stop at environmental sustainability. One of the most significant and far-reaching effects of a commitment to sustainable cuisine is the multitude of ancillary impacts that sustainable food choices have on local economies and community development. Keeping food dollars local creates jobs, builds community, protects habitat, and maintains a farming and ranching heritage—all critical values in our rural communities.

To support continued market transformation and support such assets, Mount Rushmore National Memorial collaborates with regional agricultural vendors and cottage industries to incorporate local foods into menus, and participates in several programs to achieve quality and sustainability goals.

  • At Mount Rushmore, the percentage of our total food purchases made up of local or sustainable ingredients in 2018 was 66%. By 2025, we are committed to purchasing 70% of the food from local and/or sustainable sources. At Mount Rushmore we continue our interest in developing a sustainable food culture in South Dakota and in contributing to a healthier community.  
  • All of our dining menus utilize icons to highlight items that are sustainable choices, gluten-free, healthy choices, vegetarian, organic, and local. We regularly refresh our menus toBlack Hills Food Hub allow for seasonal rotation of menu items based on the freshest available ingredients.
  • As part of the Company’s commitment to building gateway economies, we continue to help develop a sustainable food culture in South Dakota by procuring inventory from communities in and around the Black Hills.
  • We collaborate with Black Hills Food Hub to coordinate the purchase and delivery of fresh food from local farmers to Carvers’ Café. The Black Hills Food Hub has expanded from the northern Black Hills to the entire region, due in part to our commitment to sourcing more food from local growers.
  • Here at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, we encourage visitors to take care of their health. For that reason 40% of our beverage categories have no added sugar.  
  • Xanterra at Mount Rushmore follows Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program guidelines and only purchases seafood listed as “best choice” and “good alternatives.

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