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Featuring healthier options such as Wojapi Wraps, salads with ingredients from the Presidential Garden at Mount Rushmore, and sub sandwiches, Black Hills Harvest offers meals that will refresh and revive you for a hike around the Presidential Trail. Explore the Black Hills Harvest menu below:

Sub Sandwiches

Ham, Turkey (sustainable choice), Vegetarian (sustainable choice, vegetarian, organic, local)

  • $8.50

Roast Beef, Buffalo Summer Sausage (local)

  • $9.50

Spicy Ham & Wojapi Wrap (sustainable choice, local)

  • $9.50

Buffalo Chili (sustainable choice, local, gluten free)

  • Small – $4.75
  • Large – $5.75

Homemade Soups

Soup du Jour and Vegetarian (vegetarian, healthy choice, gluten free)

  • Small – $3.75
  • Large – $4.50

Side Salads

Green, Pasta, Coleslaw (vegetarian, healthy choice, gluten free), Potato (vegetarian)

  • $3.50

Fresh Fruit Cup (vegetarian, gluten free, healthy choice)

  • $5.00

Peanut Butter & Wojapi Wrap (local, vegetarian)

  • $3.25

Homemade Yogurt Parfait (vegetarian)

  • $3.25

Cheese & Fruit Snack Pack (gluten free)

  • $6.00

All Prices Include Tax

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